Being a (pure evil) business developer – a series of games we shall build!

Hello dear readers, I hope my post finds you well and healthy!

As you may (or may not) know, on June 14th we have announced Serial Cleaners – a sequel to Serial Cleaner – our indie gem hit, which brought more than one million owners on all platforms since the game launched in mid-July, 2017.

Hence, for the first time in the history of our company (please note the Draw Distance was founded in May 2009 as iFun4all), we are building A BRAND (yes, major B, all that stuff). A brand, which is to become one through a series of games (well, two parts at least, but it’s still a series, ain’t it?) that hopefully will attract a group of players big enough to make our studio RECOGNIZABLE.

Why am I telling you this in such way? Because many still don’t understand the issue of lack of VISIBILITY indies have to face.

It’s not like I was naïve enough to think that games industry is fair. It has never been and never will. Yet the chances of being seen for an indie are getting smaller and smaller year by year. Mostly because more games appear on the market, also due to this painful change of Valve’s philosophy, but also because companies that can afford it spend more and more on marketing and the richest simply buy smaller companies to enrich their portfolios and build growth easily. Currently it’s considered a standard to spend around 15% of the development budget on marketing! 15%! Five years ago we, business developers, were discussing 8-12 per cent and still thought it was a crazy amount of money, considering constantly growing rates and salaries…

Anyway, these exactly are the main reasons we decided to start working on Serial Cleaners: the success the first part managed to achieved (yes, let us not be afraid of the word success if proven) and the drive to improve our global recognition as a studio thanks to activities aimed at creating A BRAND, period.

To execute this strategic goal it is obviously necessary that Serial Cleaners has to be exceptionally good. It’s a cliché, of course, but true – an indie game launching now, in such an competitive environment, has to distinguish itself from other titles – through a smart design, merging the best elements from different genres to create a unique hybrid, through an eye-catching art style that is easily recognizable, through an interesting plot and characters, easy to remember… It would be best to have all these points covered and this is exactly goal while working on Serial Cleaners.

The game’s reveal at the Future Games Show brought a lot of attention from players, publishers and journalists. We made the first step, but there are still more than a thousand before us. We put a bar high and have ambitious goals: Serial Cleaners will be bigger, better and prettier than anything we created before. Four, distinct playable characters, New York in its full awe and glory, the whole 90s’ presented in all their shades, a soundtrack covering all genres that kept us going between 1991 and 2000, non-linear plot, entirely new visuals, a bigger world to explore and real impact players will have on the ending. Not to mention tons of inspirations from the cult movies of the decade… And that’s just the tip of an iceberg with lots to be revealed in the next months!

Just remember that you’re more than encouraged to add Serial Cleaners to your wishlists, before the game launches on PC and consoles (including next-gen consoles, but I take it for granted) and, as always, you’re always welcome on our official Discord under this link:

That’s all for today, except the last, traditional quasimotivational quote from the deep of my heart:
“We Generate Fears While We Sit. We Overcome Them By Action.” – Dr. Henry Link. See? Don’t sit! Ever!

See you next time!
Stay healthy!
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