Halls of Horror is a multiplayer exploration game

You play alongside other Mixer users by voting on your character’s actions.

Trapped inside a house built by the insane Master of the Ceremony, you are challenged to a deadly game in which the prize is your survival. Who will perish, and who will escape? Let’s find out!


The company has been founded in 2009, focusing on work for hire projects. It was the perfect opportunity to gain the experience, as well as to shape the core team. Although we were occupied with our work we didn’t stop thinking about our completely own project – Serial Cleaner. It was gaining shape in our heads throughout the years, finally leading to the decision that it was the right time to start working on our own accord. We’re currently preparing for the upcoming release of Serial Cleaner, a game which has caught the attention of thousands of players and journalists at GDC, E3, Gamescom, PAX West etc. We’re very proud and happy that Serial Cleaner boasts great feedback everywhere it shows up and we do hope that Serial Cleaner will become a joyful, highest quality game that will bring hours and hours of great fun to you all guys!


Draw Distance
Based in Krakow, Poland

Release date:
October 15, 2018



Regular Price:

$ Free!
€ Free!


  • Halls of Horror is a unique multiplayer experience, dedicated to Mixer streaming platform.
  • Players create groups and each group controls one character. You have a limited amount of time to vote on one of the available actions. Every turn, the character will perform the action with the most votes.
  • Find two keys and the exit, then get out of this nightmare!
  • Collect keys by searching rooms, solving puzzles… or killing other characters!
  • Every time you meet another character or the killer, you will fight! In combat, your options are to attack with your best melee and ammo weapon, escape or grab. Attacking has a chance to hit and deal damage. Escapeing let’s you run away from the fight. Grabbing an enemy stops his escape.
  • Killed characters can be searched for a guaranteed key and any other items they held when they died.
  • If your character dies, you and your group joins the Master of the Ceremony view, where you will vote on which action should be used in the currently chosen room. Now you can take your revenge!


Steam Early Access Launch Trailer

PAX West Trailer

Serial Cleaner Announcement Trailer


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Monetization Permission

Draw Distance allows for the contents of Serial Cleaner to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Serial Cleaner is legally & explicitly allowed by Draw Distance.

Halls of Horror Credits

Michał Mielcarek, James Lewis, Sebastian Grinke

Łukasz Wiśniewski, Sylwia Gaweł, Filip Odzierejko
Visual Arts

Bartłomiej Szydło, Artur Sołek

Krzysztof Zięba, Monika Chmura

Paweł Błaszczak

Dominika Mielcarek

Marcin Kaleta, Jacek Głowacki