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It's been eight years since wonderful Kieron Gillen said his farewells to videogame criticism, cautioning all aspiring writers that "games journalism isn’t a career for life yet". The main takeaway from his (still excellent, still timely) final post on the subject is that only a passionate fool would stick with this career for

Video games porting – satisfy all players. Not as easy, as you may think! Platform wars raged since the beginning of Earth. Players always prize and glorify the console they own, saying it’s unique and has soul, while all the others are a bunch of crap. “How do they play on such a

Hello and welcome to our new webpage. Beside updated layout you will find that much more changes have been made. Firs is this Blog section, where soon you will find new and interesting articles about our company, our projects and gamedev world in total. At the home page you will find new information’s